ST-ANDard Isotopic Labelling

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University of St Andrews, School of Chemistry, Fife. KY16 9ST. UK

Manufacturer and supplier of benign labelled natural products for nutraceutical, medicinal and veterinary analysis.



Standil uses precise chemical synthesis to produce unique isotopically labelled standards.

Our products are identical to the natural products they are designed to measure. The only difference between them is that we introduce naturally occurring heavy isotopes of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen – the main elements of life, into our standards. Since we know exactly how much of our material is added we can tell exactly how much of the nutrient is there.

We use non-toxic, non-radioactive heavy isotopes and so our materials are not only completely safe for use in analysis, they may be used in medicinal and veterinary studies too.

Our products are of tremendous value wherever anyone wishes to discover how much of an important dietary chemical exists in a foodstuff. They are also invaluable in studies into why nutrients work, how they should be supplied and to positively identify how much are required.