David J. Cole-Hamilton FRSE, FRSC

David got his BSc (1971) and PhD (1975) in Edinburgh University. 

After, he moved to London where he was a Postdoctoral Fellow (1974-5) and a Temporary Lecturer (1974-8) with Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson at the Imperial College. 

Later on he moved to the University of Liverpool where he was appointed Lecturer (1978-83) and Senior Lecturer (1983-5).  

Finally he moved to the University of St. Andrews where he was appointed Irvine Professor of Chemistry (1985-date).


Corday Morgan Medal and Prize of the RSC, 1983

Sir Edward Frankland Fellow of the RSC, 1984-85

Museums and Galleries Commission Award for Innovation in Conservation, 1995. Runner up and prize of £1000

RSC Industrial Award for Organometallic Chemistry, sponsored by Monsanto, 1998

Courtaulds International Prize for the best teacher in the Honours classes (St. Andrews), 1998

Tilden Lecturer of the RSC, 2000-2001

iAc Award of the IChemE, 2001, Runner-up

BP Chemicals Prize for the beast Teacher in the Honours Classes, 2001

Catalysis Society of South Africa, Eminent Visitor, 2004

Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Prize Lectureship of the RSC, 2005-6

Other Honours

Elected F.R.S.C. 1986

Elected F.R.S.E. 1988

President Chemistry Section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 1995

Chairman, Chemistry Sectional Committee, Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1993-5

Vice President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Dalton Council, 1996-9

RSC Council, 2009-

Named Lectureships

Walker Memorial Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, 1987

Royal Society of Edinburgh Christmas Lecturer 1991

Royal Society of Chemistry Public Lecturer 1992-3

Bedson Lecturer, University ofNewcastle, 1993

Albright and Wilson Lecturer, Bristol University, 1996

Visiting Professorships

Professeur Invité, University of Rennes I, 1989

Visiting Professor, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, 1990-91

Visiting Professor, Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen, Hungary, 1994

Visiting Professor, RWTH, Aachen, 2008

Professeur Invité, University of Lille, 2011


Mail: Phone: 01334 463805
North haugh
School of Chemistry
Purdie Building
St. Andrews, Fife
KY16 9ST
    Fax: 01334 463808 djc@st-andrews.ac.uk

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