Dr Matt Clarke

I lived and went to school in Cornwall , before moving to Bath in 1993 to carry out a degree and a PhD (PhD under the supervision of Professor Jonathan Williams). During this period I became interested in all aspects of Synthetic Chemistry and was awarded my PhD in September1999, which carries the hopelessly vague title “Asymmetric catalysis using Platinum and Palladium complexes”. During the summer of 1999, my better half, Jane Potter (PDRA, BMS) was kidnapped by Prof Garry Taylor (director, BMS) and taken to St Andrews to finish her PhD. This turned out to be a great move, and I spent an enjoyable two years here working as a post-doc in catalysis with Derek Woollins and David Cole-Hamilton. In 2001, I moved down to the University of Bristol as a temporary lecturer, carrying out research in homogeneous catalysis. I had a great time for two years, but could not resist the allure of St Andrews . Since moving back to St Andrews , my research interests continue to encompass most aspects of synthetic chemistry and catalysis (with some focus on Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis). More information about my group's research activities can be found elsewhere.

In spare moments I enjoy playing cricket, squash, and football, cooking, reading and travelling……I am not especially good at any of them.