Slides from the Bews Family

I have been delving in boxes of transparencies from my childhood, taken initially by my father, then by myself (as soon as I could wrest the camera from him). Sadly years of neglect have caused them to suffer from Caithness foost (spelling?).

I have no clue (at present) about dates of the earlier ones but they are likely to be from 1958 onwards. Later slides have been indexed by the processing date as yymm (once Kodak started printing that on the cardboard mounts), eg June 1963 becomes 6306.

Also a few scans of very small black and white photos which must predate the purchase of the 35mm camera.

The slides were scanned onto a Macintosh computer using a Nikon Coolscan II slide scanner, originally at 1800x1200 pixels. These have been reduced and indexed by GraphicConverter to provide a series of thumbnails which may be clicked to obtain a 600x400 pixel image. I've not tried to do anything fancy to these, so the growths now on the transparencies are still there, as are the colour casts on the like of the Ektachrome slides. Looking at them now on a PC they are probably a bit dark so that may be another tweak necessary.

So, we have:
scan01: What would appear to be tent inspection at a BB camp.
01: BB inspection (by Lord Macleay), Provost Bessie Leith, Officers (and some of their wives), BB members and West and Central Churches.
02: Preparations and children about to deliver flowers from a flower service at the Central Church. Guild Committee (taken in the manse) and then the family taken in the manse back garden.
03: Guild Outing to John O' Groats
04: Dempster Terrace under snow and what looks like Sunday Scool teachers and party. 2 photos of Lifeboys (and their officers) in the Church Hall.
05: Church Officer, Andrew Bremner, in Central Church Hall, me in manse garden with a guy (which one?) and preparations for a Harvest Thanksgiving service.
06: Sledging down from the cannon to Wick River, the manse in the snow, and some friends and myself scoffing jelly.
07: Service at the hospital.
08: Girl Guides at Thurso, Church choir at the manse, and another guy.
6306: 6 of Wick harbour and one of Lybster harbour.
6310: From the cannon looking up Wick River.
6503: Under the Brige looking up Wick River and a rainbow shot from the harbour.

If anyone would like to provide details for these, please get in touch.

Jim Bews, May 2002