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Congratulations to Fang on his first publication with the group on the synthesis of the all-cis-1,2,3,4-tetrafluorocyclopentane.

You can read about his work in the Advance Article section of Chem. Commun. at 10.1039/C6CC01348A

Tanya's Presentation Prize

Congratulations to Tanya, who won the prize for the best presentation at the recent RSC 15th Annual Postgraduate Fluorine Meeting at the University of Oxford. She beat a number of other PhD students, who were also speaking at the meeting.

Tanya is pictured receiving the prize from Dr Alison Stuart (University of Leicester) on behalf on the RSC Fluorine Group.

New Faces – Autumn 2016

We are welcoming a number of new people to the group this Autumn.  Charlotte and Ren are academic visitors from Germany and Japan; Xuan is beginning his PhD and Cameron, Connor and Tom are final year project students.






We welcome Dr Heidi Joao to the group as a new postdoc.  She will be working in collaboration with Technocomm Ltd

New Face – Winter 2016




Graduation – November 2015

Congratulations to Stephen, who received his PhD ay Graduation on 30th November 2015 (St Andrews Day).

Stephen is heading to the USA for postdoctoral work in the new year.



New Faces Again

We would like to welcome Maria and Fang, who are both starting their PhD studies and also Matthew and Cindy, who will be doing their final year project with us, supervised by Ricardo and Axel respectively.

Best wishes to our leavers

We would like to wish Mohammed (visiting PhD), Mingyan (visiting PhD) and  Yasuhiro (visiting PhD for summer) all the best as they have left our lab and headed back home to Egypt, China and Japan respectively. It was wonderful hosting them at St Andrews.



New Face

We would like to welcome Yasuhiro Ueta, who is visiting our lab from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan for the summer.



All-cis 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexafluorocyclohexane

A big congratulations to Neil, who’s finally got his synthesis of all-cis 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexafluorocyclohexane published in Nature Chemistry.  You can read the full article here or see the front cover.

This work was also highlighted in C&EN News, Chemistry World and a News and Views article in Nature Chemistry by Prof. Ryan Gilmour

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Congratulations to Mingyan

Congratulations to Mingyan, who won one of two poster prizes at the 15th Annual RSC Fluorine Group Postgraduate Meeting, held at Durham University on 16–17th April 2015. (it was her first ever poster too!)  Her poster was titled: “Synthesis, structure and odour of a (R)-muscone analogue with a CF2 group at carbon eight”

New Face

We welcome Phillip Lowe to the group as a new Chemical Biology postdoc, who will be working closely with Stephen and Qing on late-stage 18F labelling



Congratulations to Davide and Rodrigo

Congratulations to Davide and Rodrigo, who’s work on fluorovinyl thioethers as thioester enolate mimics has been published in Aust. J. Chem.




Congratulations to Nouchali

Congratulations to Nouchali, who passed her PhD viva at the end of February 2017.

Nouchali will stay working in the DOH group for the near future.