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Our group is interested in bio-organic and organofluorine chemistry.  

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Fluorometabolite biosynthesis and enzymology
Fluorine in Biology
Effect of multiple fluorines on aliphatic chains
Multivicinal Fluorine
Stereoelectronic effects
	Conformational effects
Synthesis and properties 
of C–F in organic chemis


News Archive

All our previous news can now be found in our Archive.

Tanya's Presentation Prize

Congratulations to Tanya, who won the prize for the best presentation at the recent RSC 15th Annual Postgraduate Fluorine Meeting at the University of Oxford. She was one of a number of PhD students, who were also presenting their work at the meeting.

We are welcoming a number of new people to the group this Autumn.  Charlotte and Ren are academic visitors from Germany and Japan; Xuan is beginning his PhD and Cameron, Connor and Tom are final year project students.

New Faces – Autumn 2016

We welcome Dr Heidi Joao to the group as a new postdoc.  She will be working in collaboration with Technocomm Ltd

New Face – Winter 2016

Congratulations to Nouchali

Congratulations to Nouchali, who passed her PhD viva at the end of February 2017.

Nouchali will stay working in the DOH group for the near future.